Transportation Services


Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) 416-393-4636

Wheel Trans 416-393-4111

East York

Call A Service Inc./ Harmony Hall Centre for Seniors 416-752-8868

Neighbourhood Link Support Services 416-691-7407

Storefront Humber 416-259-4207

North York

Care-Ring North West 416-961-0447

Circle of Care 416-635-2860 x 431

Don Mills Foundation for Seniors (DMF) 416-447-7244 x 41

Downsview Services to Seniors 416-398-5510

NeighbourLink North York 416-221-8283

North York Seniors Centre 416-225-1231 x 31


Agincourt Community Services Assoc 416-321-6912

Warden Woods 416-694-1138 x 35

Carefirst Seniors and Community Services Assoc 416-502-2323

St. Paul’s L’Amoreaux Seniors’ Centre 416-493-3333

Scarborough Centre For Healthy Communities 416-847-4125

Trans Care Community Support Service 416-750-9885


Canadian Red Cross Society 416-236-3180

Dignity Transportation Inc 416-398-2222

Good Neighbours Club 416-366-5377

Mid-Toronto Community Services 416-962-9449 x 31

NeighbourLink Downtown 416-921-7214

St. Christopher House 416-532-4828

Scott Mission 416-923-8872

Silver Circle: West Toronto Support Services 416-653-3535

WoodGreen Community Centre of Toronto 469-5211 x 1247


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