When Reducing Meds

Messily put-together-tips from personal experience on what to do during a reduction of medication.

When decreasing any amount of psychological medication, it is really important to rememeber you are not going to feel well for a while. It could be several months depending on how much reduction you need. It is important to talk to your loved ones to let them know you may seem “off” for a little while and maybe ask them to keep an eye on you incase widthdrawl symptoms get worse. You may feel more depressed, anxious, fidgety, irritable, impulsive, tired, emotional. You will most likely feel much worse before you feel better.
It is also okay to decide to go back on the medication/increase if you need to.

Practicing a lot of self care and positive self talk is essential. Having patience with yourself and being as self aware as possible when a symptom does arise is also great to help you through it. Name the emotion and where you feel it in your body. ex: “I am feeling very irritable right now. I feel a tightness in my chest, throat, and a dull ache in my forehead.This is most likely due to my medication reduction. I am going to take a nice, hot, relaxating shower to make myself feel better.”

If you end up losing your temper and snapping at someone, try your best to apologize immediately and recognize it is not their fault you are experiencing this. Recognize the emotions and thoughts you are feeling and seperate the feelings from the facts and use i statements. “John didn’t get me a glass of water, he’s a jerk (not fact).”is not helpful to you or him. Try: “John did not get me a glass of water(fact). I feel upset (fact)because it makes me feel like I am not important.”(is that true? That you’re not important just because john didnt get you a glass of water? No, it isnt and you can talk to John about how you’re feeling) Much easier to solve the issues with a partner if youre not just blaming them when you’re angry. Try sticking to “I feel… when you…because.. what i would like is…” instead of “you big jerk, you suck.” Lol

Practice more self care and maybe some mindfulness practices and meditation. Mindful eating, mindful walking, body scan meditation, etc.

Remember it is temporary and you will eventually feel better again.
And if you need to, you can always go back on them if it gets too difficult.


Negative perceptions of you only defines you if you believe it.

Thoughts and feelings are not facts

Things people learn but still need practice on:
The biggest way someone can hurt you is if
You believe what they say (or not say). By caring about their views – their interpretation of you — you cause yourself more suffering.
You can only be who you are. And you only have so much influence on how a person sees you. The rest is up to their own perceptions and thought process. Trying to cater to everyone is literally an impossible feat. Where as one person will think you’re a 4/10 another person will think you’re 10/10. No matter what you do you may never be a 10/10 to that one person who labelled you as 4/10 and you may never be a 4/10 to someone who sees you as 10/10z Where as one person may think you are kind and generous another person will perceive that as show- offy and attention seeking. And if you try to cater to the one who thinks you’re an attention seeker they may end up seeing you as desperate. You’re attempts will be in vain.
I know all of this and still struggle with it. But sometimes writing out reminders helps.

Practice. #Mindfulness. #Meditation. #Positveselftalk. #Mentalhealthawareness

Deal with strong emotions

I watched Leo’s (from Actualized) video on how to deal with strong negative emotions. I like his straight forwardness. I believe this strategy falls into the category of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy as well as some mindfulness which Buddhism often teaches.

He talks about how we are all vulnerable even if we think we’re tough, and that we need that vulnerability to get through tough times. To open our minds and stop resisting the emotions that we keep trying to snuff out. And how we can be like a conductor of electricity allowing the current of emotions to flow through without disruption or resistance. Without judgement. And like a lightning rod- that no matter how many times a lightning rod is struck over and over the rod does not get damaged. It’s fine in the end because of its low resistance. Inviting our feelings and thoughts into our minds and acknowledging their existence and accepting them is essential, and not as a means to cause more suffering but actually to reduce the suffering .
It’s the resisting that causes the psychological problems.

I also enjoyed his comment on how everyone wants a magic pill but the definition to that is avoiding emotional labour- sweeping it under the rug- and it is just avoidance, denial, and disconnection from what is real/reality. He as well as people like Sherri Van Dijk, Byron Katie and Buddhist Monk Jack Kornfield(if you’d like a few names to look up) all discuss how not to fight with reality (what we think or wish should happen vs what actually is)

Watch and find out for yourself: