Helping GTA’s Homeless

Helping the Homeless

And getting over the stereotypes

(See bottom of post for useful links and statistics for Halton and GTA areas)


The Stereotypes

I can understand a person’s fear when it comes to the homeless, because I’ve been afraid too. When I first moved to the GTA area, I was full of assumptions and stereotypes about homeless people being dirty, crazy, alcoholic, drug users and all ex-murderers. That was not progressive nor productive. It made me afraid and avoidant of my favourite hang out spots, and it wasn’t helpful to others because I was too afraid to help.

Alternatives and a new outlook

The truth was, I didn’t know and I still don’t know why a certain person is homeless. Back then, I needed to find some alternative reasons for homelessness. Here are a few: A severe mental illness, poverty, identity theft, new refugees, house fire with no or little insurance and no family, avoiding deportation to an unsafe homeland, a run away from an abusive home or foster family, previously committed a minor offense and are without support. The list goes on.  I eventually decided to stop over analyzing ‘WHY?’.  My newer motto is that if someone needs help, help.. and that kindness and compassion does not need questions answered.

Cash Donation Alternatives

Cash isn’t the only way to assist someone. We can offer our time with a local organization, donate clothing and other needed goods to a local shelter or charity (Call ahead and ask what they need). We can also directly offer someone items such as a bottle of water, beef jerky, umbrella, or winter gloves, gift cards (for a store in the area- otherwise, how will they get there?)  transit day pass, etc. We can also offer to buy them lunch, or ask them what they need. Offer to wash their bedding or replace them with clean ones. Ask if they would like a care package.  Ask them what they need.

Equality and Compassion

Ask them what they need. Do NOT allow the mindset that people in need are second-class citizens who should be more than grateful for anything you give them. Do not allow negative perceptions that this person whom you’re trying to help cannot be in need if they aren’t going to take anything and everything. Do not let your motto be “Beggars cannot be Choosers”. Like us, they have preferences, personality, rights and dignity. They are our equals who are in need of assistance as we all need help sometimes. They’ve also been through their own personal struggles so be mindful of that.:)


“Hey, I don’t have any change/cash, but can I’ll buy you lunch (on debit). Is Subway okay? What kind of sandwich would you like?”

“Your shoes are falling apart, my friend. If you’d like, tell me your shoe size and I can get you some newer ones.”

“I’ve got an extra umbrella, bottle of water and a few extra pairs of socks that may fit you. Do you need any of these?”

♥♥ Note: For safety -I never offer and rarely allow a person to accompany me to a store. After all, they are still strangers.  I never approach anyone I feel may be dangerous or physically harm me, nor do I travel down any dangerous or unknown routes in search of someone in need. As the old saying goes, ‘Safety First.’ ♥♥



Halton and Peel Region

If you are in the Halton Area (Ontario) and you need Emergency housing, please dial 311 and ask for emergency housing options. Click here

Apply for Social housing in the Peel region. Click here

Read Peel Regions Housing and Homeless Plan. Click here


Apply for housing in Toronto. Click here

Finding Solutions for Homeless (Canada). Click here

Toronto’s Homeless Twitter Page. Click here

Toronto’s City Homeless Shelter. Click here

Toronto City’s Guide for Homeless. Click here

Toronto’s Covenant House (Shelter). Click here

Toronto’s Red Door Family Shelter. Click here

1st Stop Woodlawn Shelter for Women. Click here



Bad day to a Happy day

My poopy day ended up turning into quite a nice Monday. I was able to use my new Totoro umbrella today so that was lovely, got sugar bunny cookies and birthday cake Timbits/donut holes, AND a friend told me to close my eyes and he hid an Angry Birds Kinder surprise on my desk. I found the delish egg, devoured the chocolate and  opened the awesome toy- a cute, mini angry birds parachute game. This is prob one of the better toys I’ve gotten from Kinder Eggs. I still find it odd that it’s illegal in the US. I’m in Canada. I think it has to do with the American FDA not allowing food and toys together.

so anyway- it turned out to be quite a good day 🙂

note: kinder means child in German 🙂