Self Soothing techniques


There are a few ways to self sooth yourself. If you are in need of self nurturing, you can begin with the five senses of sound, smells, sight, touch, and taste:

Sounds: Listening to music, a guided meditation, the rain, waves, water trickling down from a fountain, the wind, and bird’s chirping (but not when you’re trying to sleep. 🙂 )

Smells: Aromatherapy, fresh laundry, scented candles, freshly baked bread, rain, soap.

Sights: Watching the rain, watching waves crash onto the shore, watching the wind blow through tall grass and trees (nature), watching the sun set, watching the sun rise, lava lamps, kittens and puppies play, a comedic video.

Touch: Petting a real or a stuffed animal, playdough, a stress ball, freshly shaved legs or face, fresh bed linen or a fuzzy blanket.

Taste: Your favourite non-alcoholic, non-mindaltering treat such as chocolate, chips, pastries, ice cream cake, and candy OR  a delicious meal.


Activity:  drawing, painting, crafts and other art related activities, going to see a movie or attending a performance, going for a walk or a leisurely bike ride, cuddling with a pet or loved one if applicable (or stuffed animal or pillow). 🙂


A self soothing kit can be anything that helps take your mind off of your worries. It can be anything from video games and guitars,  cross work puzzles, art supplies  and a Buddha board, or maybe some soothing foam baths, Epsom salts, shaving gel and tea light candles. It’s something to turn to when you need extra relaxation.


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