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The present was in the potato (literally) :D

img_4093I admit, the 9 year old I reside with can gift wrap better than I. My skills aren’t lacking, there just burried under a thick layer of laziness and impatience 😉 . Who has time to cut neatly? Hand-eye coordination– who needs them when you have massive amounts of tape?! My priority was time management. I usually sandwhich a gift between two poorly, zig zagged, hand- ripped decorative paper and then I over indulge in tape to the point that even if there were 2 or 3 or 10 spots where wrapping paper did not reach, the thick layer of tape makes for a cool, foggy glass look 😉 it’ll keep the receiver teased. I also rarely ever wrap a present in its original box or form. I like to add random things like an oven mit or some random ornament I already own along with the real Christmas present as a way to distort the shape of the gift to keep people guessing 😉

This year– I was even more lazy. I was sooo lazy I decided to put my roommate’s present 🎁 inside—- a potato. 😉

I was unpacking groceries and thinking about what ornament/trick I would use to distort the shape of the bracelet pendant I was going to wrap for my friend. As I reached into the shopping bag, a potato rolled out. Inspiration began to spud!! 😀

So here is what I did:

I searched my bedroom and found an old decorative German beer stein as well as some marbles that I use for sound therapy. I found some paper and a pen and wrote a note in Japanese for my friend to decode (we are both interested in the Japanese language ).

I inserted the message into the stein, filled it with marbles, tossed it into a spare gift bag I had laying around, taped it up and put the faux gift under the tree to wait for its pray. (My lazy was was becoming a more thought-out plan as I went along)

Next, I took the pendant out of the original  ring box, wrapped it in Saran Wrap , aluminum foil, shiny paper, etc.

I got some of my roommate’s fav chocolates from the grocery bag

I found a book of mine

I got the potato, cut it in half, then carved a deep square into the middle of one half of the sliced potato. I stuffed the Saran/foil-wrapped pendant into the potato to check the size. It fit. I removed the pendant again and put the potato together and wrapped it in aluminum. I wrapped the book and the chocolates separately in aluminum foil too and put them in the fridge. The next morning (aka Christmas) I snuck into the fridge and placed the pendant back inside the potato.

When my roommate opened her faux gift , she had a priceless and very much confused expresseion on her face as she stared down at her stein full of marbles.

I said:”You lost your marbles! I found them for you!!” (Ref: the older gent who lost his marbles in the old classic movie, Hook/peter pan))

Eventually, she found the note.  I helped her decode it and off to the fridge she went. I told her two gifts in there were hers and they were in aluminum foil. She picked the book-shaped one (decoy/faux gift) and the weird, lumpy one (her chocolates) . The chocolates she loved and had a slight relief look on her face, which changed back to confusion when she unwrapped my book on G.I. Diets (lol) I almost lied and said “oh? Is this not one of the books on your wish list?” 😉  instead I just laughed at told her to keep looking. All that was left was a blue container and a wrapped potato. She asked nervously “um. – are you sure it’s in foil and not in this container?” I told her to take a look for herself and inside the container she discovered my delicious leftover lunch from the day before. So she picks up the only thing left (the foil potato) and looks at me amused and perplexed and laughs, “so my gift is a potato?” My eyes shine and I excitedly yell out in a AHA I pranked you accomplished tone — “NOPE It’s IN the potato!!!”  Mind apparently blown she looked down at the potato a little stubbed and pulls off the foil and the potato splits in half in her hand and voila!!!! Her little package with her pendant inside 😉  Hahaha 😀

We had a good laugh at how random and strange that whole experience was, but not before I told her husband that his gift (a gift card to Tim Hortons) was in the freezer .. gift card wrapped in Saran Wrap, foil, paper, ziplock bag, inside of a toothpaste box, tape, inside of a water bottle that was filled with water , inside of a bigger ziplock bag filled with more water which was now ice 😂

It was deff a strange adventure, but it sure kept the morning fun 🙂 I believe my expected ugly gift wrapping days are behind me and more amusing prank wrapping days are ahead 😉

Merry Christmas/Boxing Day!!!

Happy Holiday

Seasons Greetings To all non-Christian holiday goers 🙂