Case Management Services


Access 1 1-888-640-1934

Across Boundaries 416-787-3007

Alternatives (East York) 416-285-7996

Bayview Community Services

(Eglinton – Steeles, Bathurst-Kennedy) 416-495-7778

Central Toronto Youth Services 416-924-2100

CMHA – East (Yonge – Port Union, Steeles-Lake) 416-289-6285

CMHA – West (Yonge – Hwy 427, Steeles-Lake) 416-789-7957

Community Care Access Centre 416-310-2222

Community Resource Connections Toronto 416-482-4103

COTA Health 416-785-9230

Hong Fook 416-493-4242

Reconnect Mental Health Services 416-248-2050

St Elizabeth Health Care 416-498-8600

Scarborough Hospital (Scarborough) 416-495-2627

TEGH-Reach Services (Yonge – Vic Pk, Eglinton-Lake) 416-461-2000

Tor North Support (Humber – Vic Pk, Steeles-Eglinton) 416-499-5969

Wilkenson (Downtown) 416-461-5629

Woodgreen (DVP-Vic Pk, Danforth-Lake) 416-645-6000


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