Here are some contacts for those of us who have a lot of grief and suffering from the loss of a loved one or a loss of self–For anyone in a lot of emotional pain who needs some love and tender care from those around you. There is a whole community of people just like you who are feeling similar pains. People who are connected to you by the grief you feel. And there are many wonderful people in the community waiting on the other line, wanting to give you loving physical and emotional hugs. And did you know a lot of people on help lines are volunteers? Doesn’t that show you a glimpse of kindness in the world that someone out there cares so much for humanity and your well being that they will talk to you on their own free and without judgement. You will make it through this. It is okay to cry. To feel pain. To feel lost. Angry. Hopelessness. These are all apart of the human experience. You’re going to get through this, hunny. Pick up your phone and give someone a call. A friend, a cousin, or a counsellor. Here is a list to get you started. Big Big Hugs you courageous soul.

Oakville Distress line 905-849-4541.

Adult Grief Support Program-East Toronto 416-926-0905 or 416-496-6431

Adult Grief Support Program-West Toronto 416-515-0197

AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT) 416-340-2437

Bereaved Families of Ontario-Toronto (Multi-Faith) 416-440-0290

Bereaved Jewish Families of Ontario: 416-638-7800 x 202

Bereavement Support Group-Wellspring 416-480-4440

Distress Centre Suicide Survivor Support Program 416-595-1716

Canadian Centre for Bereavement Education 416-926-0905

Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths 1-800-363-7437

The Centre for the Grief Journey 905-624-8080

MADD Canada (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) 1-800-665-6233

Seasons Centre for Grieving Children 1-705-721-KIDS (5437)

Taylor Place Self-Help Recovery Group 416-447-7244

C.O.P.E.S (Community Of People Extending Support) 416-767-6793

Note: I will continue to add to this list as I research and find more contacts for you.


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