Kind (Santa) Strangers (WestJet)


Moncton to Toronto West Jet

dec 9 2016 1:00pm

I hadn’t had the chance to shower or eat today as I made my way to the airport. Feeling insecure, especially since I lost my make up at the airport and I’m in desperate need of laser hair removal. 😦 hard being a female with facial hair issues. Sooo I quickly went online and changed my seat and picked the seat in the far back corner. I didn’t get to see his face very well, but all I remember is a very kind face- I thought he was the pilot. A man in the front announced that he would cover an item from the extra on flight menu — free of charge for us πŸ™‚ wow!! Sooo sweet! I thought , what a lovely pilot- he’s treating his passengers. Turns out- he was a passenger and was treating the pilot and the crew and all of us on board! His only request was for us to give back by donating a turkey to the food bank. Awww!! So selfless of him! What a great guy! I told the guy next to me that he was Santa πŸŽ… in disguise πŸ™‚ Β I was finally able to relax and eat something. And the flight was fun. Even the flight attendents were giggling and playful. (Czeska was So lovely πŸ™‚ )

THANK YOU West jet passenger Santa! When I get paid I will Donate to the food back and pay it forward just as you requested :). Xoxo


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