Emerge from Emotional/Social Isolation

Steps you can take to emerge from your emotional or social isolation:

We can learn to deal with loneliness if we resist the urge to escape, ignore or suppress lonely feelings. Furthermore, the usual advice to keep busy and active is not always the best solution for the lonely person. We must honestly assess our actions and take responsibility for them. Our values, too, need to be examined. What is the reason for our existence? We cannot expect other people to make us happy if we are not happy as individuals. It will be very difficult for us to love others if we do not love ourselves. All of us must be our own best friend and truly be on good terms with ourselves. Only after we feel genuinely good about ourselves, can we move out into the world and risk reaching out for relationships. This is the pattern that is essential for overcoming loneliness. It doesn’t just happen; it’s something we must strive for day to day. It’s next to impossible to prescribe remedies for everyone. We need to engage in the struggle to find a life path for ourselves; to put meaning in our lives. Loneliness is part of that battle.

Be courageous!

1. Loneliness is a sign that something in your life needs to change.

2. Understand that loneliness causes both mental and physical problems.

3. Consider doing some kind of service. (Volunterring your time to a worthy cause)

4. Consider a connection network. Do to so, examine your values. Focus on developing connections with those who share similar interests and values (meetup.com)

5.Expect the best. Reverse your pessimism/negative thinking.

What to Do?

Whether you enjoy being alone or not:

Print page.

Circle items you enjoy doing by yourself or doing with others you do not know.

Check items you are willing to try.

Put a line through items you would not consider.

Antique Shop Hike Silversmith

Artwork House Sing

Astronomy Class House of worship Social Media

Auction Jigsaw puzzle Solitaire

Bicycle ride Lapidary Sports


Learning a language Stained Glass

Bird Watch Library Store sales

Blog Mah Jongg Swimming

Board Game Group Martial Arts Theatre

Book Club Models Thrift Store

Bowling league Movies Travel

Card club Museums Volunteer

Ceramics Musical Instrument Walk outside

City Club/ Rotary Natural Health Water aerobics

College course Online Scrabble/Games Woodworking

Computer Photography Writing

Cooking class Piano Lessons Yoga

Crafts Poetry Zoo

Crossword Puzzle Political club

Cruise Pool

Dance Quilting

Drumming Read

Exercising Restaurant

Genealogy Sewing

Go to the gym


Ways to be more content

You might enjoy your alone time more, or begin to enjoy your alone time, if you identify some ways to spend your time.

Explore ways you might enjoy your aline time.

Ways to Spend My Time How I Can Do This How it Will Help Me

Start a new hobby

Exercise more

Limit TV/Computer

Sing, Dance, Journal

Enjoy a Pet

Help someone in need

Enjoy a Pet

Help someone in need

Go to the Movies, theatre, concerts, museums

Walk outdoors



Which of these options will you begin to implement immediately and how?


**Coming Next: Loneliness and self esteem.

**Reference:Pls note- I did not write this article. It is taken from material from OTMH, Oakville ON



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