Alone or Loneliness?

Here is a poem that encourages you to get to know yourself better. Engage in some interests and develop a sense of self kindness, self esteem/love, etc

Alone…or lonely?

To be alone is to be quiet,
Freed for a time from the pressure
of having to respond
with words
and smiles
and reassuring actions.

To be lonely is to search desperately for a kindred spirit,
for one fellow-pilgrim
among the many others
who travel life’s crowded highways
with me. 

To be alone is to have time to ponder
who I am
– The daughter of a freeing God
– a unique, response-able

 To be lonely is to try in vain to respond
to another’s need for friendship
When our two souls can find no common ground
on which to stand.

 To be alone is to have time to reach out
toward the creating presense
who, I believe, dwells in and around
each of us.

 To be lonely is to smile
and chatter
and try to please
while I am crying bitterly deep within.

To be alone is to celebrate my uniqueness,
to colour my aura the rose-gray
of early dawn.

 To be lonely is to be isolated by my uniqueness,
to color my aura

 I wonder – do I have too much loneliness
because I have so
little alone-ness?

by: Genevieve Garder

Toronto, Ontario


Upcoming Posts: Reason people experience loneliness, How it entraps us, what to do.

Resource: Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital



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