Negative perceptions of you only defines you if you believe it.

Thoughts and feelings are not facts

Things people learn but still need practice on:
The biggest way someone can hurt you is if
You believe what they say (or not say). By caring about their views – their interpretation of you — you cause yourself more suffering.
You can only be who you are. And you only have so much influence on how a person sees you. The rest is up to their own perceptions and thought process. Trying to cater to everyone is literally an impossible feat. Where as one person will think you’re a 4/10 another person will think you’re 10/10. No matter what you do you may never be a 10/10 to that one person who labelled you as 4/10 and you may never be a 4/10 to someone who sees you as 10/10z Where as one person may think you are kind and generous another person will perceive that as show- offy and attention seeking. And if you try to cater to the one who thinks you’re an attention seeker they may end up seeing you as desperate. You’re attempts will be in vain.
I know all of this and still struggle with it. But sometimes writing out reminders helps.

Practice. #Mindfulness. #Meditation. #Positveselftalk. #Mentalhealthawareness


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