Deal with strong emotions

I watched Leo’s (from Actualized) video on how to deal with strong negative emotions. I like his straight forwardness. I believe this strategy falls into the category of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy as well as some mindfulness which Buddhism often teaches.

He talks about how we are all vulnerable even if we think we’re tough, and that we need that vulnerability to get through tough times. To open our minds and stop resisting the emotions that we keep trying to snuff out. And how we can be like a conductor of electricity allowing the current of emotions to flow through without disruption or resistance. Without judgement. And like a lightning rod- that no matter how many times a lightning rod is struck over and over the rod does not get damaged. It’s fine in the end because of its low resistance. Inviting our feelings and thoughts into our minds and acknowledging their existence and accepting them is essential, and not as a means to cause more suffering but actually to reduce the suffering .
It’s the resisting that causes the psychological problems.

I also enjoyed his comment on how everyone wants a magic pill but the definition to that is avoiding emotional labour- sweeping it under the rug- and it is just avoidance, denial, and disconnection from what is real/reality. He as well as people like Sherri Van Dijk, Byron Katie and Buddhist Monk Jack Kornfield(if you’d like a few names to look up) all discuss how not to fight with reality (what we think or wish should happen vs what actually is)

Watch and find out for yourself:


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