Up Days = Letters to Strangers


During my up days *  I like spreading some potential happiness to strangers (and friends). I usually just write out whatever positive-ish thoughts that pop into my head and cross my fingers/hope that what comes out makes sense-ish. 🙂  I’m not a poet or a super excellent encourager, but I did once get an email from someone telling me that I saved her and her boyfriend’s relationship. I had left a message with a url attached and they went to the url and wrote me a message. They said they were going through some tough times and the note I left was relatable to what they were going through and her boyfriend thought that it was made for her- a sign – that things will be alright. 🙂 It’s a great feeling to leave something nice for someone. Sometimes I feel like it is a bit selfish in a sense that I do it to make others smile but in return it makes me smile – but– it’s a happy thing so I’m not going to worry about it and just keep doing it as much as I can while I’m in my up spell. Try to send encouragement to all the people of the world who need a nice, little happy pick me up. I first got the idea after finding a note in a public washroom. It made my day and I thought that I should and would help this gentle stranger in helping the world one anonymous, kind note at a time. ❤


*Up days are days I’m not depressed or paranoid/hating the universe, but rather feeling calm and serenity and love and peace 🙂




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