Bad day to a Happy day

My poopy day ended up turning into quite a nice Monday. I was able to use my new Totoro umbrella today so that was lovely, got sugar bunny cookies and birthday cake Timbits/donut holes, AND a friend told me to close my eyes and he hid an Angry Birds Kinder surprise on my desk. I found the delish egg, devoured the chocolate and  opened the awesome toy- a cute, mini angry birds parachute game. This is prob one of the better toys I’ve gotten from Kinder Eggs. I still find it odd that it’s illegal in the US. I’m in Canada. I think it has to do with the American FDA not allowing food and toys together.

so anyway- it turned out to be quite a good day 🙂

note: kinder means child in German 🙂

Kindness of Stranger(s)

Up Days = Appreciating kindness of others. Faith in humanity which is a nice change from the usual hating humanity/paranoid stages I go through. 😉

Some really nice person or persons left this DVD and generous message on a window ledge in a local coffee shop. ❤ How very sweet of them. My roommates already own this movie, so I didn’t take it, and I thought it would be nice to leave for someone else, but seeing the kindness of another stranger really brightened my windy, spring day. 🙂

Is this lovely?


Up Days = Letters to Strangers


During my up days *  I like spreading some potential happiness to strangers (and friends). I usually just write out whatever positive-ish thoughts that pop into my head and cross my fingers/hope that what comes out makes sense-ish. 🙂  I’m not a poet or a super excellent encourager, but I did once get an email from someone telling me that I saved her and her boyfriend’s relationship. I had left a message with a url attached and they went to the url and wrote me a message. They said they were going through some tough times and the note I left was relatable to what they were going through and her boyfriend thought that it was made for her- a sign – that things will be alright. 🙂 It’s a great feeling to leave something nice for someone. Sometimes I feel like it is a bit selfish in a sense that I do it to make others smile but in return it makes me smile – but– it’s a happy thing so I’m not going to worry about it and just keep doing it as much as I can while I’m in my up spell. Try to send encouragement to all the people of the world who need a nice, little happy pick me up. I first got the idea after finding a note in a public washroom. It made my day and I thought that I should and would help this gentle stranger in helping the world one anonymous, kind note at a time. ❤


*Up days are days I’m not depressed or paranoid/hating the universe, but rather feeling calm and serenity and love and peace 🙂



Play Time :)

Being silly is a great way to spend your time 🙂

These are the times I love best. These are the times I feel like making those false promises of, “Let’s always feel like this and have this mind set from here on out.” If only I could stay this way 😉 but I know my mood will shift to dark again. Instead of instantly getting emo depressed knowing this happiness is only temporary and plummeting into darkness again, I’m going to roll with the fluffy clouds and puke sunshine and rainbows for however long I can.